29 January 2018

Christmas has passed, the new year's resolutions are fading fast before our eyes, and the weather doesn't seem to be picking up much either - so the January blues seem to be taking over.

How are you beating the January slump? Looking at buying a new car? We've seen lots of car dealers offering brilliant January sales, so if you are looking out for a new car this month then we want to share some tips to make sure you buy the best!


Begin by assessing your needs

Functionality should be at the forefront of your new purchase. It's best to focus in on the reason behind buying a new car; are you growing your family and anticipating the need for extra space, do you need a larger engine to suit longer journeys, or do you just have some extra money and want to strive closer towards your dream car? Working out what influenced your desire to purchase a new car is the best place to start.

Consider the following practical issues when deciding what type of car to go for:

  • Do you need lots of storage space for carrying equipment/luggage?
  • Are you likely to be driving short or long distances?
  • How many passengers will you need to carry?
  • Do you drive in snow or ice frequently?
  • What safety issues are important to you?
  • What additional features do you require; Bluetooth, Sat Nav or heated seats etc.


Evaluate your budget

January is a good time to buy, as car dealerships offer price cuts and discounted finance options. However, a car is still going to set you back a lot of money. Make sure you have decided on a rough budget before going to view cars - you don't want to be talked into a fantastic car to return home and realise that it's completely out of your price range once you've calculated the figures.


Decide on which fuel is your preference

With new alternatives to the usual petrol and diesel engines becoming more popular, it's hard to know where to start when deciding which is the best option for you. There is no 'right' option when it comes to choosing between these, but each one does appeal more to a certain type of person.

Your fuel choice will be influenced by the features that you decide on for your car. If you want a fast car and will be using it for long drives, then diesel is likely to be your best option. Diesel cars are more expensive to buy, but are favoured with drivers who use motorways frequently and cover a lot of miles. For those covering less than 12,000 miles per year, a petrol engine is best.

Hybrid and electric models have become increasingly popular, and tend to suit people who do a lot of town driving. Most petrol-hybrid models also have lower running costs. If you plan to use your car for shorter journeys or commuting, an electric car ensures low emissions and could also be a viable option. 

At Kerr's Tyres & Auto we deal with them all; so whatever car you choose we'll be happy to help.


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