Kerr's Tyres - Export & Freight Q&A

12 September 2014

Norman Kerr

Norman Kerr, company founder and Managing Director of Kerr's Tyres, an award winning tyre distributor with centres in Coleraine, Antrim and Duncrue Industrial Estate in Belfast, opened Kerr's Tyres in 2002. With a focus on providing excellent customer service and quality tyres, Kerr's Tyres sell, supply and fit tyres, batteries, exhausts and alloy wheels with 24 hour tyre repair and recovery services. 

Q. There is a vast array of commercial tyres out there, how do I choose? What are the important elements to consider?

The important thing to keep in mind when buying tyres is that your tyres are essentially keeping you, your vehicle and your load connected to the road, so it's worthwhile taking care when choosing your tyres to ensure the safety of you, your employees and your valuable cargo.

When choosing your tyres, be sure to the right tyres for your load and vehicle, as the wrong tyres can be unsafe as well as lead to fines and penalty points. Other considerations you should factor in are fuel efficiency and your typical mileage. If you travel in Europe it is important to note that whilst the minimum tread depth in the United Kingdom is 1mm for commercial vehicles, in some parts of Europe they have a much higher minimum tread depth as well as a legal requirement for winter tyres.

We recommend that responsible drivers call into Kerr's Tyre centres in Antrim, Coleraine and Duncrue Industrial Estate to discuss the tyre requirements of their fleet visit for further details. Kerr's Tyres is also a member of the Northern Ireland Tyre Safety Association

Q. Why is it better to commit my commercial tyre care management to a company like yours? I like to know who I am dealing with, so tell me a little about your company?

When Kerr's Tyres opened for business in 2002 with a staff of three, our goal was to provide customers with a consistently high quality service at the right price. This remains the cornerstone of our family run business today and we now have three centres in Northern Ireland as well as three sub outlets in England with a combined staff of over 40 employees in total. 

No matter which centre you go to, at all Kerr's Tyre centres, our ethos is "keeping you on the right track". Whether you have just one lorry or a vast fleet, Kerr's Tyres can guarantee the quality of service will be the same. We focus on the quality of the service we deliver and can guarantee a top quality service and rapid response for all our transport customers. We also take pride working proactively with our fleet customers to deliver a 'preventative maintenance' programme that works for them. 

At Kerr's Tyres we offer a full package of fleet inspections including wheel alignment checks to maximise your tyre wear and fuel efficiency, assistance with CPC compliance through the provision of 'tyre awareness courses' for drivers as well as up to date advice for your workshop staff on best practice, technical advice and pressure recommendations. 

Our customers also take comfort from the fact that our breakdown cover includes the UK, Ireland and Europe with just one call.. 

Q. What is preventative maintenance, how does it work and what does it cost? 

At Kerr's Tyres, we are totally committed to providing our customers with the best tyre service possible. This includes offering our Pence Per Kilometre (P.P.K.) customers a preventative maintenance service, whereby we proactively manage the performance of their tyres.

In basic terms this means we are constantly checking and monitoring our customers tyres and change them before they reach a level where a blowout could be more likely to occur. 

We understand that it costs our customers money to have their vehicle stationary at the side of the road, so our preventative maintenance programme reduces the possibility of this to an absolute minimum. 

We use the latest technology to manage our 'Electronic Fleet Inspection' (EFI), which is a must if you are working with customers and fleets with over 1,000 vehicles. For some customers, we will also put a member of Kerr's Tyres staff on-site with the customer so that they are always on hand to manage their tyre stock and ensure all compliance records and regulations are kept up to date. 

Q. What type of packages can you offer me as a fleet owner or owner driver? Do you offer all tyre brands or specialise in one make?

We work with the UK's top tyre manufacturers to provide our customers with a wide range of tyres to choose from. We believe that every customer is unique, as is the tyre to suit their needs, so we work closely with customers to understand and deliver the right tyre for them - not just us.

Q. I have a fixed budget. Can you help?

Some users who need to operate to a fixed budget may find our P.P.K. contracts for fleet customers an attractive option. 

As long as a customer can provide us with accurate and up to date information, such as fleet size and annual mileage, we can calculate the pence per kilometre rate required to suit their fleet. We have P.P.K. contract customers with anything from one small lorry to fleets with over 1,000 vehicles - the real key to success, however, is that both parties must have a close working relationship to create a win-win scenario. Where P.P.K. contracts work especially well is for hauliers who haul for need and not for reward, as they will know where they stand up front in relation to their tyres costs, and the associated reduction in breakdowns can bring a real financial benefit. 

At Kerr's Tyres, we see PPK as a growing market and are always open to working with our customers to find out what works for them. If you are interested in exploring how PPK could suit your requirements, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help you. 


Q. You’re based locally, but what if I have a tyre issue on the road elsewhere in the UK or indeed abroad? How can you help me? 

As well as the Northern Ireland outlets in Antrim, Coleraine and Duncrue Industrial Estate in Belfast, Kerr's Tyres also has outlets in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Stoke. This, in addition to being a member with the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA), the Independent Tyre Dealer Network (ITDN) and the Tyre Support Unit (TSU), allows us to offer our customers a full breakdown service available across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Locally, we have a fleet of 15 mobile units operated by fully trained staff in Northern Ireland alone, so we are always on hand to keep our customers 'on the right track'. 

Q. Why would I choose to do business with Kerr's Tyres?

As a family run business, we take our customers' requirements seriously and provide a personable, friendly, high quality and straight forward service at the right price. Now in our 12th year of business and with a staff of over 40, our ethos of "keeping you on the right track" applies to all our customers - whether you have a vast fleet or just one lorry. We are also as committed to our staff as we are to our customers and have invested approximately £15,000 in staff training over the last 12 months.

As a responsible business, we are also committed to protecting and looking after the environment - we do this by ensuring our resources are used efficiently and practice the latest manufacturing and management techniques. Tyre disposal is an issue for all tyre suppliers so we actively support projects to recycle worn tyres, where for example, the end-of-life tyre is used as the raw material for road surfaces and flooring, or even as a source of fuel. 40% of the tyres we fit are currently manufactured from recycled tyres and we have even helped to develop some customers' tyres at their sites for them to be turned into sleeping policemen and bollards! 

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