30 March 2018


Spring has sprung, the nights are getting longer, and all caravan owners are experiencing the 'travelling itch'. After a long frosty Winter, your caravan could do with a bit of TLC before venturing out on a road-trip this Easter. We've got some tips to give your caravan a spring check, ensuring it's safe to use, before you hit the highway for some exploring.

At Kerr's Tyres & Auto we are advising you check the following things:

  • Tyres: The only contact that your caravan has to the road is the tyres, so taking care of them is the most important thing. Double check all the wheel nuts before traveling, to ensure they are tightened correctly. Overtightening can be just as dangerous as having them too loose - so be careful! Always have a spare tyre stowed and ready for the worst-case scenario. Make sure to check tyre pressure and tread before hitting the road.


  • Brakes: Brakes are a main priority when heading off caravanning. Make sure the brakes are cleaned and functioning well. It's difficult to check these yourself, so if you are in any doubt at all it's usually best to check with a professional.


  • Towbar and coupling: The towbar is the main connection between your car and the caravan. Check that all bolts are secure before venturing off on a long journey. The winter months aren't always kind to metal, so be careful and check for rust and cracks. Make sure that the towbar is well-fitted. It's also important to ensure the coupling head is completely engaged on the car towbar - there should be a coloured indicator on the head which will identify engagement.


  • Lights: Check that all lights are functioning properly and ensure that bulbs in all areas are working correctly.


  • Payload: Your handbook will tell you the top weight that your caravan can legally carry - this is also know as the 'payload'. Make sure that you are aware of this figure before setting off. You can check the weight at a public weigh bridge. Overloading a caravan can cause huge problems. To improve stability, keep heavier items as close to the axel as possible.


  • Electric and gas: Before starting your journey it's important to ensure gas taps are closed, electric mains are isolated and travel catches are engaged. Disconnect all mains cables and stow things away safely.


  • Water system: Drain and disconnect the water system before travel to minimise any spillages. Stow the pump, and empty and drain the toilet flush tank if necessary.


At Kerr's Tyres & Auto, we offer health checks for caravans; we'll ensure that your tyres have the correct pressure and tread depth, that your water pipes aren't burst or frozen, that your lights are all working well and that your brakes and electrics are in good condition. We'll be able to highlight any issues for you before you set off on your next adventure.

Investing in a caravan spring check at your local Kerr's Tyres & Auto centre (Belfast, Coleraine, Newtownards and Antrim) will help you and your family set off on your next trip with your mind at ease, knowing that your trip will go smoothly.

Happy Motoring!



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